$50/5L  (delivery is free if located in the GTA).

$50/5L (delivery is free if located in the GTA).

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Need inspiration? Here are a few of my favourite ways to put this health-boosting liquid to good use...

Extra virgin olive oil

The purest and highest quality extra virgin olive oil on the market - sourced directly from the Agricultural Union of Petrina, in the State of Lakonia, Greece. 

My family has been enjoying this oil and sharing it with friends for years, and I never realized how very special it was until the day I ran out.

Not thinking much of it, I went to the store and picked up some other EVOO. After struggling to find any brand that came even somewhat close to the pure and rich taste of the olive oil I had previously enjoyed, it became clear that the "good stuff" my Greek relatives held in such high regard, was truly a rare find. 

I am now so excited to share this nutritious green potion with you - I've done my research, and I stand by my words when I declare this as the best of the best when it comes to extra virgin olive oil. Hands down.