Listen in to what the "cleanest", most informed eater I know has to say about diet.

Introducing Mario Miotti, successful fashion photographer and founder of Sparked Magazine - which dives into the world of the music festival, finding style, energy, design, and ultimately, the most important thing of all — self-expression. 


The first time I met Mario, I must admit, I was expecting him to be a cocky, artsy, narcissist. While he may be artsy - check out his Instagram if you don't believe me - he is certainly a lot more grounded, yet spiritual, yet extremely informed on the realities of today - from politics, to religion, to science - than I ever could have anticipated. The most exciting part about meeting him? Get him on the topic of diet and wellness.


I'm pretty sure this guy knows EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING when it comes to holistic health. He also lights up while discussing the subject, and his extremely well-articulated and passionate personality shines through. 

It was clear to me that our next conversation on the matter, had to be filmed. So, that's exactly what I did...

Below are some quick Q&A snippets from my previous conversations with Mario that I thought were worth sharing here:

Q: What's the greatest thing we can do to optimize our diet?

Eliminate processed products of any kind. They are not food. Then start with a simple clean diet to find out your balance. Then tailor your desired diet from there. 

Q: What are some superfoods you think are underrated? 

Lentils, Hemp Seeds, Nutritional Yeast, Pure Cacao, Turmeric Root (fresh), Ceylon Cinnamon, Seaweed, Yams or Sweet Potatoes, Eggplant, Shiitake Mushrooms (or mushrooms in general), Lemons, Raspberries, Oats. 

Q: What are your tips on cutting costs when it comes to eating healthy?

Find out which foods you NEED to buy organic, and which you don’t. Also, think about having your veggies delivered by Mama Earth Organics or other companies - saves time and money and keeps things fresh. Also, buy superfoods that aren’t going to cost you a lot, like lentils, oats, bananas etc. You can google ‘eating organic on the cheap’ and you will find lots of resources. 

Q: Where and how should we buy superfoods? What labels should we look for? How do we know if it's legit?!

At first the best way is to buy fresh superfood. So any superfood that is available fresh and organic. If it doesn’t need to be organic (check updated lists on the internet via then buy non organic. From there you can then do proper research on companies, read blogs, once you find the right supplier, stick to them. Learn about how organic quality assurances work, also found on the Cornucopia website, that will help you to identify markers on products. Buy local, buy from boutiques, not from big companies. 

Q: What's your favourite DIY beauty essential?

For myself it’s my own home made Sun Screen. Going to festivals a lot, I was using tons of very expensive organic sunscreen, so I make my own now and it’s waaaaay better. 

Other things I make my own or buy organic: use natural soap, a natural sponge, an organic body scrub, natural hair shampoo, moisturize with coconut oil + essential oils mixed in, and pure aloe vera on my face, I also use an organic under eye serum. Nothing beats having a great diet though. 

Q: How do we reduce our exposure to toxins in everyday life?

Honestly, besides the obvious ways: chemical free home, no processed foods, using organic skincare products instead of conventional toothpaste, shampoo etc etc, filtered water with a Berkey drip filter, it’s basically putting a lot of care in keeping yourself clean, by that I mean, you are going to be a filter one way or the other and to clean that filter is key. So lots of water, clean eating, and that way you are detoxing daily. 

I’m not much for impact detoxing, I feel that a daily detoxing is way more effective.